**Ballacottier School Update**

**Ballacottier School Update**

Arrangements have been made to reopen the mothballed Fairfield Junior School in Tynwald Street, Douglas, from tomorrow (Tuesday 4th April) to accommodate Ballacottier Primary School while that school is cleaned.

School will commence at 9am as usual and will finish each day (Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th April) at 3pm for infants and 3.30pm for juniors.

Pupils are asked to bring packed lunches and arrangements will be made to provide lunch for pupils entitled to free school meals.

On Friday 7th April the school will close at 12 noon for infants and 12.30pm for juniors. No lunch will be provided that day. This will allow all the equipment being taken to Fairfield to be relocated back to Ballacottier that afternoon ready for the start of the summer term.

In terms of access, parents driving to the school should travel via Westmoreland Road and Tynwald Street and then turn left into Peveril Street. Pupils should use the Peveril Street entrance to enter/leave the school. A member of school staff will be on duty outside the building for assistance. Exiting for cars is then via Allan Street.

Parents are reminded there are roadworks in nearby Buck’s Road and are asked to be patient and car share where possible.

Parents have the option of keeping their children off school this week should they not wish to travel to the former Fairfield building.

Ballacottier will reopen as normal after the Easter holidays on Monday 24th April.

Parents are reminded that they should not send their children to school if they show signs of the norovirus and should keep them off school until 48 hours after the end of symptoms.

Parents are reminded that they should not send their children to school if they show signs of being unwell. Any child with diarrhoea, nausea and/or vomiting symptoms should observe the 48 Hour Rule i.e. not return to school until 48 Hours AFTER symptoms have ceased and they feel better. The same rule applies to parents returning to work if they too are affected by diarrhoea and vomiting illness. This is because the virus can still be alive but not causing you symptoms and you can spread it to others inadvertently.

Parents with queries should ring the DEC on 685808.

The decision to close a school is never taken lightly and we apologise to parents for the disruption and thank them for their patience and cooperation.

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