phone boxBusinesses should focus on what they are good at.

Anything else may be a distraction for management, consuming valuable resources and effort.

Our Outsourcing services primarily comprise Accounting, Payroll, Loan staff and Bookkeeping.

We will give you the space to focus on developing your business, safe in the knowledge that you have stable foundations upon which to build your success. You could also save some money!

Accounting – Your issues?

  • I want to achieve success, but spend far too long on financial admin
  • My business is hampered by not knowing where we stand financially
  • We do not really have the scale to support and manage a full-time accounting function

How we can help

Annual financial statements
Credible accounts are a must for any business and its stakeholders.

Management accounts
Waiting until after the year end to get decent financial information may be too late.

Why us?

  • A friendly, qualified and proactive team with decades of accounting experience, and all only a call away
  • High quality output, efficiently produced, on time every time
  • We are business advisers, tax and VAT specialists with real-world knowledge of financial systems and controls. We are here to add value and care about your success.

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FRS102 Accounting changes and updates

Payroll – Your issues?

  • Our payroll is quite complicated, variable and time consuming
  • Payroll has not always run smoothly, causing uncertainty and distraction
  • The new national insurance and income tax systems are daunting

How we can help – Payroll services
Payroll accuracy and certainty of timing is an operational essential

Why us?

  • Personal, proactive one-to-one service from a highly experienced payroll practitioner
  • Strict data confidentiality
  • You will get a high quality, flexible and cost effective service

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Loan staff – Your issues?

  • A key employee has just resigned, and will be hard to replace quickly
  • We have an important project which we cannot resource from our current skill base
  • I need short term support to augment my team

How we can help – Loan staff (staff secondment)

Skilled people to enhance your team, when you need them

Why us?

  • High quality, professional, consultative team players
  • Broad variety of skills and experience levels, honestly presented
  • You are in control of choosing a secondee and determining what they do for you

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Book keeping – Your issues?

  • I don’t have the discipline, the systems or the time to keep on top of everything
  • We do not spot cash shortages or chase debtors quickly enough
  • Finance administration costs are too high for my business

How we can help

It’s hard to run a business without proper records, which take time and the right skills.  We have been involved with cloud accounting for over 10 years and are the experts on the island.

Please see www.pinnacle.co.im for more information.


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