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Maximise your operational efficiency and minimise risk with an internal audit

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Let us take of care of all your internal audit needs from planning to execution

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Receive a helping with your internal audit

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Ensure key decisions are based upon accurate financial data

At CCWA, we believe that we are at the forefront of revolutionising the methodology for delivering Internal Audit Services. An important feature of our audit approach is the use of audit automation software (“Galileo”). We utilise Galileo to manage audit work in a secure online environment which greatly enhances the efficiency of our audit approach.

Galileo has the capability to record each accepted internal audit recommendation together with the ownership and projected time frame for implementation. We can provide secure internet access to your senior staff to enable them to confirm which recommendations have been implemented or, if necessary, record reasons for delays. Automated “alerts” are available to notify users when target dates for the implementation of recommendations are approaching.
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