Crowe Clark Whitehill Wins Accountancy Firm of the Year 2016!

Croweaccountancy-firm-2016 Clark Whitehill have won Accountancy firm of the year for the 3rd year running!

AI Global said ” The awards were conducted based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, whereby AI Global triangulate the number of votes received with in-house and external research.

This proven approach ensures that our awards are allocated based on merit and allows us to recognise firms of all sizes and in all locations who have done extraordinary work over the past year.

The 2016 Global Excellence Awards were designed to recognise the very best in the business, whether they are a single office firm or an international conglomerate. We award the paragons, and the exemplars; those that are succeeding in their endeavours, innovating, growing and improving.  Well done Crowe Clark Whitehill! “

PhaePhaedra Bird



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