How will the Manx Budget affect you?

The Manx Budget 2018 has been announced  How will the 2018 Manx Budget affect you? An additional 1,700 people will no longer have to pay any income tax, the Isle of Man’s treasury minister has announced during his budget speech. Alfred Cannan said it shows the Manx government is committed … Continue reading

Bridge Which Gap?

Bridge Which Gap? Throught the UK and the Isle of Man, it is acknowledged that the gap between paediatric and adult health care is too great a step for many young people, especially those with complex, chronic and life threatening medical conditions. Bridge the Gap aims to improve facilities and … Continue reading

Apps that really add up

Apps that really add up More and more businesses have made the transition to cloud-based accounting platforms such as QuickBooks, Xero and SageOne, writes Kimberley Moughtin of Crowe Clark Whitehill. This new approach to accounting, together with a range of apps, offer benefits that have not been as readily available … Continue reading

Adding new power to your cloud accounting solution

Accounting in the cloud has become more and more commonplace. But few people know just how much extra functionality you can build into a cloud based accounting package, argues Kimberley Moughtin of Crowe Clark Whitehill. In the past few years, there’s been a significant shift towards cloud-based accounting, with a … Continue reading