Audit Services

colourful coastAudit – Confident decisions require an honest picture of financial health.

Don’t join the list of owners and managers who have not had a clear picture of the financial state of their business!


Our experienced and dedicated team provides a range of audit services including:

Financial statements, Audit, Assurance reviews, Internal Audit and Regulatory support.

Advocates Accounts Rules Reviews, Financial Resources Return Reviews, Clients Assets Reporting Reviews, Insurance Supplementary, Information Audits.

Your issues?

  • I need more confidence in the profitability and financial state of my organisation
  • We are not sure whether we meet regulatory requirements
  • I don’t know exactly what’s going on in part of the business.

How we can help

Financial statement audit
A thorough and efficient audit inspires confidence and lasting peace of mind

Assurance reviews
If it’s critical to your business, subject it to scrutiny

Internal audit
Check whether essential processes are being performed efficiently.

Regulatory support
Translating regulatory requirements into core business processes

Our statutory auditing and assurance services are provided through Crowe Clark Whitehill Audit LLC.

Why us?

We are approachable, responsive, pragmatic and cost effective.
Technical excellence in accounting, tax and regulatory areas as well as in auditing
We are proud to have a long history of serving our local clients within a broad sector base.

Please see our Testimonials to provide additional reassurance of the level of client service on which we pride ourselves.


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